My Hero Academia Art Inks America's Top Hero in Full Color

My Hero Academia has come up with quite a few heroes in its time, and some of them are better loved than others. All Might and Izuku are on that list, and it seems a newcomer is ready to move up the ranks. After all, the top hero in America has been revealed, and one artist has given Star and Stripe a very patriotic overhaul.

The piece comes from. HEXAMENDLE over on Twitter. As you can see below, the colorist took on the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, and their version of Star and Stripe would give Captain America a run for his money.

As you can see above, All Might's student looks formidable on their trip to Japan, and we can see a flag-inspired cape billowing behind them in the wind. Star and Stripe looks plenty strong with their hands on their hips, and they are decked out with patriotic emblems from head to toe.

A red eye mask is placed on the heroine's face, and the deep hue matches the red stripes on their suit. Of course, Star and Stripe is rocking red-white-and-blue given her homeland, and she has several gold accents on her arms and torso. These armored pieces are beautiful in form, but when it comes to function, My Hero Academia fans are sure the molds would work like those worn by Wonder Woman.

And of course, the blonde-haired heroine has made some style choices based on her former master. Star and Stripe has long hair that falls down in spikes. The look seems to defy gravity similar to that of All Might's iconic hairstyle, so Star and Stripe took a cue from her mentor there. And given how gung-ho she is to fight evil, we know that trait must have rubbed off on her as well!

What do you think of this heroine's big debut? How do you see My Hero Academia's next arc going? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.