My Hero Academia Smokes Out Dabi's Fate with This New Theory

When it comes to My Hero Academia, you have your everyday villains, and then there are guys like Dabi. The guy isn't running a massive operation like Shigaraki or Redestro, but he does have a big goal to see through. The manga's final act is ready to see Dabi and his mission to its end at last, but fans aren't sure how it will go down. And if one theory is right, then the villain's fate is just as fiery as we all expect.

When you consider the character as a whole, there is a poetic justice in Dabi's last moments being swallowed by flames. The young man was born into an unstable home where his combustible father lit a fire under Touya that couldn't be snuffed. His old life ended on a mountain covered in blue flames as the Todoroki son traded his name in for Dabi. And since then, his entire life has been lived in hopes of burning down hero society.

Dabi is an easy villain for fans to side with as his dark past is hard to swallow. Still, his ashy history doesn't excuse murder, and Dabi has only grown more unhinged since his origin story was made public. Endeavor and the Todoroki family need to tie up their loose end. And as fans theorize about Dabi's future, they can only see it going up in smoke.

His blue flames burn brighter than any made by Endeavor or Shoto as fans know. They have become even hotter over the years, and now, his resolve is about to be tested. In his pursuit for revenge, netizens fully expect Dabi to become consumed by his past and the hatred he carries for his father. There is no redeeming Endeavor to Dabi, and in the end, he will burn himself to ashes to prove a point. In fact, the most popular theories about Dabi's fate all find him dead, and My Hero Academia fans believe his cremation quirk will put him to rest.

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If this theory plays out, the question remains whether Dabi's passing will be peaceful or not. The villain could be consumed with rage when his fire takes over or perhaps remorse if Shoto can reach his older brother. Given his hard life, fans are hopeful Dabi gets some sort of peace before he passes on. And when he does, the Todoroki family will be left with yet another scar.

What do you think about the fandom's prediction about Dabi? Would you like the villain to make it out of My Hero Academia alive? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.