My Hero Academia Debuts Deku's Newest One For All Smash

My Hero Academia's fourth season is now in the midst of the climax of the Cultural Festival arc, and Izuku Midoriya has reflected on how much he has grown in the short time during his work study under Sir Nighteye. Thanks to the fight against Overhaul pushing his new limits to 20 percent of One For All, Deku has been training in the mornings with All Might to master a new kind of smash attack now that his body naturally produces a ton of air pressure with each one of his movements.

Deku's body has been adjusting to his new levels of One For All thanks to his months of fighting and training alongside the growth of the power inside of his body. But in the fight with Gentle Criminal in the latest episode of the series, Deku showed just how much all of his training has come together with the new Smash, Delaware Smash Air Force.

Episode 84 of the series saw Deku's fight against Gentle reach a whole new level as Gentle's quirk surprisingly brought the fight to mid-air. But like many of Deku's best moments thus far, his quick thinking kicked in and forced him to master this new smash in one smooth moment otherwise Gentle would get away from him and break into U.A. and ruin the Cultural Festival.

As Deku floats upside down in mid-air, he thinks of all his classmates and just how hard they're working, and thinks of his dance training with Ashido (to helps his balance and body movement flow) and getting a new piece of gear from Mei Hatsume. With all of that weighing on his shoulders, Deku lands Air Force but unfortunately it's not enough to stop Gentle in his plans just yet.


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