My Hero Academia: Why Edgeshot's Ultimate Move Makes Zero Sense

My Hero Academia fans are having a hard time accepting the mangas latest twist, which has basically turned a major character death into the series' most flagrant case of bait-and-switch trickery. SPOILERS: Katsuki Bakugo fell in the final battle against All For One and Shigaraki, with his bodily mortally wounded beyond repair. However, in My Hero Academia Chapter 365 the pro heroes fighting Shigaraki come up with a plan to bring Bakugo back from (the brink of?) death – and really, it makes no sense, as all. 

WARNING: My Hero Academia SPOILERS Follow! 

In My Hero Academia Chapter 365 Edgeshot (aka Shinya Kamihara) puts his "Ultimate Move" into effect. Edgeshot's "Foldabody" quirk let's him turn his body and limbs into extremely thin and long, razor-sharp string. He can transform himself this way with speed faster than sound. Like so many of My Hero Academia's top pro heroes, Edgeshot's true power and rank as a hero comes from how he has studied and practiced applying his unique quirk. Mobility and attack power are applications we've definitely seen; now Edgeshot uses his powers to slip inside of Bakugo and mend all the physical wounds he has, while also getting his heart and lungs working again. The only issue is: it makes no blasted sense how that works! 

Edgeshot tries to revive Bakugo while working in coordination with fellow top pro hero Best Jeanist. Now granted, Jeanist managed to suture Bakugo's internal organs using his his thread control quirk – but Edgeshot is able to act as a living smart suture that can literally get inside the boy and repair everything that needs fixing. Still, that does explain this passage from Edgeshot that Kohei Horikoshi seems to want fans to take on the strength of dramatic superhero monologuing: 

"Jeanist did his best to suture this, but he coud not stop the bleeding or repair all the internal damage. His lungs are also injured. this body of mine can mend each organ inside and out, while aiding cardio-pulmonary function!! I shall revive his heart and lungs from the inside!" 

Say what now??? 


Superhero stories always have to be taken with the grain of salt that is suspended disbelief – however, My Hero Academia is asking a little too much with this one. It may have made some sense if Edgeshot had to permanently give up his physical form in order to live inside Bakugo as his new heart and such (it would've been weird, but we could've bought it); however, the chapter tells us that performing his magic surgery is an "extreme state" that "slowly but surely eats away at Edgeshot's life."

Edgeshot's sacrificial play only seems to make sense in the most basic way of the genre: the idea of one person somehow giving up his lifeforce to revive another. It still feels like something a of cheat to get out of the obligation of killing Bakugo off, with almost zero real consequence to the series, but if Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker can do it, Horikoshi can too, we guess... 

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