My Hero Academia Preview Teases Deku vs Gentle Finale

My Hero Academia's fourth season of the anime has reached the climax of the Cultural Festival arc as Deku has already jumped into combat against Gentle Criminal in an effort to stop he and La Brava from making their way to U.A. Academy and force the campus to close down the festival. Although it admittedly seemed like it was going to be a less action-packed arc than the battle filled Shie Hassaikai arc that had come before, there's a lot riding on the Cultural Festival's success as Deku fights alone to protect it.

With the battle between the two kicking off with the previous episode of the series, the next episode is going to get even more intense as it reaches the finale of the fight between Deku and Gentle Criminal. Will Deku be able to stop Gentle and La Brava before they force their way into the academy?

Episode 85 of the series is titled "School Festival Start" and as it suggests, the Cultural Festival arc is finally gearing up to begin as the chaos between Deku and Gentle kicks off on the outside. By chance, Deku had been shopping around for some rope and ended bumping into Gentle and La Brava before they continued their plan to sneak around and eventually break into U.A. Academy.

Due to Gentle's boisterous ego, he wasn't able to keep quiet as Deku continued to ask him questions about his intentions. Deku quickly put it together that Gentle Criminal was indeed the same YouTuber personality he ended up seeing an ominous video of, and in an effort to keep the Cultural Festival safe from shutting down jumped into action.


Gentle's quirk ended up giving Deku far more trouble than initially expected, and it's clear by his actions from the first half of the fight that Gentle will not be backing down for any reason in order to accomplish his dream of getting noticed. But Deku has a dream of his own to see Eri smile, and their two ideals will come crashing together in the next episode!

What are your thoughts on the fight between Deku and Gentle Criminal so far? If you're not up to date on the current events of the manga, how do you believe the fight between the two will come to an end? What are your thoughts on My Hero Academia's fourth season overall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!