My Hero Academia Preview Teases Cultural Festival Arc Climax

My Hero Academia's fourth season is almost at an end, and while many fans are already looking to the future of where the anime can go from here, the anime still needs to round out the events of the Cultural Festival arc. Things were nearly interrupted forever thanks to Gentle Criminal and La Brava, but after a chance bumping into Izuku Midoriya in the street an unexpected fight broke out that showed new sides of this bombastic villain duo. Deku even seemed like the villain this time around as he fought for the sake of the Cultural Festival.

Even though he seemed like the villain, Deku is anything but as the Cultural Festival arc officially kicked off and fans will soon see the result of everything he fought for. The climax of the arc will be coming with the next episode of the series titled, "Let it Flow! School Festival!," and the preview for Episode 86 of the series teases a big concert that we've been waiting all arc to see!

My Hero Academia's fourth season has been an especially rough time for its newest, and youngest addition, Eri. She has grown up in a terrible way under the pressure of Kai Chisaki, and even though she was rescued from him she has yet to fully realize that she's in a safe place now. All that trauma has kept her from smiling, thus Deku has been fighting so hard for this chance to get her to smile like she deserves to.


Gentle Criminal and La Brava show how the hero society can often times leave perfectly good people on the fringes and left with very little options, but their pain led them to making some off putting decisions. It's not the same for Eri who had no choice in the matter and was forced to live through torture and other terrible things. Deku hopes seeing Class 1-A's performance and the rest of the Cultural Festival will mark a turning point in her young life, and fans are hoping the same for her.

But what do you think? Are you ready to see the climax of the Cultural Festival arc? What are your thoughts on the arc so far? What about My Hero Academia's fourth season overall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!

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