My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Teases a Mystery Project Announcement

When it comes to My Hero Academia, fans are ready to support the franchise however they can. From the anime to the manga and beyond, there is no limit to what fans will consume for the sake of Izuku. Of course, this includes the story's prequel, and it seems My Hero Academia: Vigilantes has a surprise in store for fans.

The teaser went live this weekend with the manga's latest chapter. My Hero Academia: Vigilantes saw its 99th chapter go live, and the special moment was paired with a teaser. It turns out a "special project" is going public with chapter 100, and fans are desperate to know what's up.

Of course, there are tons of fans hoping for an anime. My Hero Academia: Vigilantes has been a solid series from chapter one, and pleas for an anime adaptation has grown with its release. With chapter 100 on the horizon, the cries for an anime adaptation are deafening, so here's to hoping such a project is in the works.

It should be noted that an anime adaptation is an unlikely choice for this teaser. That kind of undertaking would be huge, and there would likely be chatter of it going around online. This is why some fans believe this mystery project has to do with the manga specifically. For some, they believe chapter 100 will feature some special cover art from Horikoshi, but others think the next chapter might crossover with the main My Hero Academia manga. So for now, it seems fans will have to wait until the end of April to see what's up.

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