My Hero Academia Puts Exclusive All For One Funko Up for Pre-Order

There has perhaps been no greater villain introduced to the series of My Hero Academia than All For One, and now the dark side to All Might is getting a Funko Pop all his own! With the franchise getting a number of different Funkos for their heroes and villains alike, it's no surprise to see that the mind behind the League of Villains is getting a figure all his own! With All For One currently locked in the depths of one of the most effective prisons in the world of the popular anime, his legacy lingers as the series moves forward!

All For One was brought down thanks to the final burst of might that came directly from All Might, with the "Symbol of Peace" unleashing the extent of his power to defeat the villain that has numerous quirks at his disposal. Though All For One has been locked away following this fight, his legacy with both Shigaraki and the rest of the League of Villains has continued to haunt the heroes, young and old, at UA Academy. While he has yet to reappear, Shigaraki has definitely taken up the slack and continues to grow the power of both his organization and of himself!

Twitter User SerlentPops shared the information about the upcoming Funko Pop exclusive that will be made available through Fugitive Toys, giving us a brand new way to display one of the most powerful and terrifying villains to exist not only in My Hero Academia, but perhaps in the medium of anime:


In the second film of the franchise, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, we are given the "next generation of All For One" with the young villain Nine. Harboring powers similar to the mind behind the League of Villains, Nine can steal a limited amount of quirks from anyone he comes into contact with and places hands on. Nine himself has powers that are a tad more limited than All For One, as the latter could seemingly harbor an endless number of quirks to use in his attempt to change the world and eliminate the current power structure that has heroes on the top of the "food chain".

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