My Hero Academia Admits Its Pros Caused a Fashion Industry Crisis

My Hero Academia's heroes and villains have changed their costumes in the shonen franchise's history. With characters like Deku, Bakugo, Uravity, and the other students of UA Academy changing their outfits to help in mastering their Quirks, an interesting new factoid has risen when it comes to how crime fighters have influenced the fashion industry in the shonen universe. While this information might have not been the focus of the main series, My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions introduced this unexpected crisis. 

My Hero Academia Season 6 recently saw Deku undergoing one of his biggest costume changes in the series to date, as the conclusion of the Paranormal Liberation War put him, and Hero Society, in a bad place. With the villains lighting a fuse that helped Hero Society to explode despite losing the latest war, Midoriya is zooming from place to place with little food or sleep to fight against the endless crime. With many normal citizens mistaking Deku for a villain, the My Hero Academia manga has seen him return to his more friendly look even as things have never been more dire during the final arc taking place in its pages.

My Hero Academia: What Is The Fashion Crisis?

The fashion crisis plaguing My Hero Academia's universe is that citizens are too in love with their heroes. Sporting looks that are modeled from the likes of All Might, Best Jeanist, Mirko, and Hawks to name a few, Team-Up Missions hints at the idea that fashion designers simply can't make anything original stick as Hero Society is infatuated with the top-ranking crime fighters. It's an interesting tidbit to be sure and shows how the influence of the heroes spreads in some rather unique ways in the shonen series.

The latest episode of My Hero Academia saw the young heroes of UA unite to fight against an unfortunate opponent, as Class 1-A tried talking down Deku from his suicidal run to keep Hero Society from falling apart. With season 6 only having one more episode before this current run of episodes ends, we wouldn't be surprised to get a confirmation on seven 7 following the final installment. If the next season continues following the manga to the letter, it might just be My Hero Academia's last. 

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