My Hero Academia Cosplay Captures The Intensity of Gentle Criminal

My Hero Academia's fourth season of its anime didn't simply focus on the struggle against Overhaul and his band of Yakuza, but also the humorous villain known as Gentle Criminal, and one fan has been able to capture the aesthetic of the lovable antagonist who attempted to make his way in the world via his exploits and an online video channel! Joined by his sidekick La Brava, who had the Quirk that allowed her to bolster Gentle's power the more she loved him, Criminal's ability to change anything he touched into a bouncy material went a long way!

Gentle Criminal's career wasn't always set on the world of villainy, as he started out attempting to be one of the biggest heroes that the world has ever seen. Unable to pass the tests required and fumbling his way through crime fighting, Gentle decided to take his talents to the world of villainy, committing small crimes that he hoped would get him attention by posting videos of them on the web. Unfortunately for him, when he tried to disrupt the Cultural Festival taking place at UA Academy, he ran into a small problem in the form of Midoriya, who beat him soundly and halted his plan, carting him off the jail as a result.

Instagram Cosplayer Mithos shared this impressive take on the antagonist of My Hero Academia's fourth season, who wasn't able to hold a candle to the overall power exhibited by Overhaul, but still presented a challenge for Deku who was attempting to master the power of One For All:

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With the current story line of the manga focusing on the Paranormal Liberation War, one of the most serious story lines in the franchise, now might be a good time for Gentle Criminal to make his glorious return and give the young heroes of UA Academy a battle that is a bit more light hearted than the challenge presented by Shigaraki and company. Needless to say, the War Arc will make the universe of Midoriya and the rest of Class 1-A never be the same again!

What do you think of this amazing Gentle Criminal Cosplay? Do you think we'll see the villain of season four return to the franchise sooner rather than later? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy!