My Hero Academia Showcases Hero Society's Worst Flaws with Gentle Criminal

The recent story line of My Hero Academia has focused on the villainy of the latest antagonist of the series, Gentle Criminal, and by stepping into his past, we see the problems that are inherent in a super hero focused society. Though some fans believe that the latest "Cultural Festival Arc" might not live up to the previous "Overhaul Arc", it does give us a better look into the workings of an aspiring hero in this anime world and just how bad things can go when they can never make the cut.

Gentle's past is ironic in the fact that he was attempting to become one of the greatest heroes in the world, but is unable to meet the mark time and time again. With his inability to pass the Provisional License Exam and become a hero, Gentle is told that his journey to become a hero must be abandoned. While mulling over his scenario, the future criminal attempts to save the life of a falling citizen, but his Quirk inadvertently bungles a rescue attempt, injuring both the citizen and the hero that was attempting to save him! With Gentle's dream now dead, he decides to instead begin a quest of making a name for himself in the world through super villainy!

Twitter User WisaLallen shared a defense for Gentle Criminal to those believing that this current arc is nothing more than "filler", diving into why the villain's journey works as a commentary on why the society of My Hero Academia has some serious flaws:


In the latest installment, Gentle's backstory was told as he fought against Midoriya, attempting to invade UA Academy's Cultural Festival in order to make a name for himself. Though Gentle and La Brava ultimately weren't able to achieve their ultimate goal, it's clear that his presence had an influence on Midoriya and showed us a brand new side to the society established in what is the most popular super hero anime currently running!

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