My Hero Academia Heroes Rising Timeline Explained

With My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising about to release in North American Theaters on February 26th, the second feature length film is going to present its events at a very unique time in the timeline of the franchise. Fans may be surprised to know that the upcoming movie doesn't take place during the fourth season of the anime, but rather, a little bit into the future, following events that have already taken place in the manga, showing details that have yet to make their way into the anime proper. To prep you for the events of this new film, we'll walk you through where the events line up with the franchise!

Warning! We may be a tad spoilery when it comes to minor events of the film and the manga itself of My Hero Academia, so be forewarned!

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising follows the struggle against the new villain heir apparent to All For One in Nine. The events DO NOT take place during the fourth season of the anime, but rather, would actually fall most likely toward the latter half of the eventual season five, if not season six. Nine himself appears in the manga for a brief glimpse during chapter 222 of My Hero Academia, though he doesn't make his presence known but rather simply makes for a quick cameo.

Aside from this focus on Nine, the sinister doctor of the Paranormal Liberation Front, Dr. Garaki, also makes an appearance in the upcoming movie, though he only appears in chapter 221 of the manga for his part as a villain officially. Taking this into account, we know that the movie is happening long after season four, with the current Cultural Festival arc falling in chapters 169 to 183 in the manga itself.

We also get a clue from the appearance of Shigaraki in the film, sporting a much different appearance from when we last saw him during the Overhaul arc, eliminating the competition of the Yakuza boss by stealing his arms and his quirk erasing drug. In the manga, Shigaraki's appearance has changed as the Paranormal Liberation Front's mission has gone underway. This falls under the chapters of 239 and 240, so needless to say these events have not taken place in the anime as of yet.


While these are some spoilers that take place after the conclusion of season four of My Hero Academia, the upcoming film shouldn't spoil as much when it comes to the anime, so fans shouldn't avoid the upcoming movie if they're avoiding spoilers for the main series. There are certainly hints at what's to come, but nothing major with regards to the events that take place following season four of the anime!

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