My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Unveils Blu-ray Cover Art

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising came out last year in Japan to rave reviews, and the film is getting ready to make a home video jump with some sweet cover art. Not long ago, the official page for the anime released the Blu-ray cover artwork its latest movie. It was there My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising caught the eye of fans as they gave the poster a good once over.

As you can see for yourself, the cover art can be found down below. The poster is simple enough as it has a purple background which spotlights Nine, the main antagonist off the film. Shadowy figures can be seen swirling below the baddie, and they are none other than Nine's lackeys from the movie.

Of course, the front of the poster is all about Izuku and Bakugo. The pair are standing side by side with some glowy energy in hand. Given their serious looks, fans can tell the two heroes-in-training are about to get down to business. And with One For All in their hands, there its no doubt the pair can accomplish anything. Sure, Bakugo might loathe the idea of teaming up with his childhood friend, but their combined power cannot be understated. And if you have seen this movie already, you know their tag-team lives up to any fusion done in Dragon Ball.

The Blu-ray for My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising is slated to debut in Japan on July 15, so fans are looking forward to the special release. There is no word on when Funimation will release the home video for U.S. fans, but many expect to to be live this fall at the latest. The movie has already been screened in the U.S. thanks to a limited theatrical run, and My Hero Academia fans are surely ready to check out the feature flick once again.

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