My Hero Academia Reveals the Nasty Truth Behind Dabi's Scars

Dabi has risen to become My Hero Academia's version of The Joker – and that's never been more true than the moment his final arc seems to be reaching its climax! Well, like Heath Ledger's Joker In The Dark Knight, the story of how Dabi got the hideous scars on his face has been looming over the character ever since we met him. Even as we learned Dabi's origin of being Toya Todoroki, son of Endeavor and older brother of Shoto Todoroki, that reveal didn't explain how cute, bright, "Toya" ended up the scarred psychopath "Dabi," that not even his family recognized. 

Well, thanks to My Hero Academia manga chapter 350 we now have the truth about how Dabi ended up with those cars! (SPOILERS FOLLOW!) 

Dabi's scarred face and burned body are a direct result of All For One and Dr. Garaki's work. It turns out that Toya Todoroki was targeted by All For One right from the start – part of All For One's (failed) plan to store up backups for his own ultimate vessel, Tomura Shigaraki. All For One and Garaki thought the combination of Toya's flame power and burning drive to impress his father would make him a potential disciple. So on the  fateful day that Toya turned an entire mountainside into an inferno he didn't die – his burning body was pulled out of that hell by All For One

The scars on Dabi's face and body came from three years of restorative procedures they put Toya Todoroki through. Garaki used similar procedures as he had to create the Kurogiri Nomu beast in order to create bring Toya back from being a burned-up corpse. The twist in Dabi's scars is that they are indicative of how Garaki failed to truly fix Toya; "Dabi" was never meant to have his Frankenstein body last for more than a month. Dabi was supposed to truly die. 


However, the same drive that made Toya push his power past the limit also made "Dabi" push past the limit of death itself. Dabi was so intensely mad in his obsession that even All For One and Garaki gave up trying to control him; the archvillains were as surprised as anyone when Dabi eventually came back to the League of Villains, ready to serve. But as Garaki explains it, Dabi has been holding that scarred body together just long enough to go out in the true blaze of glory he always wanted

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