My Hero Academia Creator Wants to Explore Lady Nagant's Origin Story

My Hero Academia is pushing along with new content each week, and manga readers are loving each update. If you are caught up with the series, then you know a new arc has started in print, and that means the manga has its next volume out in Japan. And thanks to some translators online, fans know a bit more about the volume's extras on Lady Nagant.

And to be more specific, it seems creator Kohei Horikoshi has a thing for the lady. The manga may have positioned Lady Nagant as a villain to start, but her arc stopped a while back rather heroically. So if Horikoshi was given the chance, he would do a little short for the former hero.

The whole thing popped off on Reddit after a slew of translations from My Hero Academia volume 32 went live. It was there fans learned that Horikoshi isn't done with Lady Nagant. While her future in the mainline series is up in the air, Horikoshi is willing to give the lady some extra attention if need be. But first, the artist says he wants to finish his serialization of the manga as a whole.

According to netizens, Horikoshi even has a name picked out for the short should it happen. He is eager to explore more about Lady Nagant's time as a hero and her complicated dealings with the HSPC. The artist would do all of this in "The Beautiful Lady Nagant - The Brightest Star in the Cage", and the title itself sounds gorgeous. My Hero Academia fans know the short would emotionally wreck them, and if Horikoshi gets his way, this side story will become a reality someday.

Of course, there is hope that Lady Nagant will still have a role in the main My Hero Academia series. Horikoshi made it clear the former hero isn't dead, but All For One's ambush did put her in critical condition. Fans are crossing their fingers that Lady Nagant will get the comeback she deserves as the series moves on, and we're right behind them. And judging by Horikoshi's love for Lady Nagant, this wish might just be granted. 

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