My Hero Academia Makes Way for All Might's Biggest Breakthrough


My Hero Academia has made it clear that All Might is the purest of heroes. The Symbol of Peace wants nothing more in life than for others to be happy, but he tends to neglect himself in the process. This habit has been passed on to Izuku as fans know very well. And thanks to the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, the two hashed out the insecurity with one another.

The whole thing went down at the end of chapter 327My Hero Academia was lighter with its update this week as Izuku was given a spa day by his friends. All of Class 1-A wanted Izuku back in shape after being on his own for months, but the boy wouldn't rest until he did one thing. Izuku needed to apologize to All Might, and to our surprise, the former Number One hero needed to do the same.

All Might appears in time to tell Izuku he's sorry "for being of so little help" in the last arc. However, Izuku is quick to dash that fear from All Might. The former hero has felt useless since losing his quirk, and All Might had admitted his ineptitude only to himself. Now that he's said it aloud, Izuku is not having it.

"That's crazy," he tells the older man. "You've always done so much for me, All Might. Those tonkatsu bento boxes gave me the strength to go on. I got all messed up because I didn't have you around!"

This understanding is shared by the class, so fans are hoping All Might can refocus his attention elsewhereMy Hero Academia's big battle with Shigaraki is brewing, and our heroes are going to need all the help they can get. All Might will be right there contributing, and this time, the Symbol of Peace won't be blinded by his self-pity. The hero has plenty to offer asides from his quirk, and it is about time he put his battle-tested strategies to good use!

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