My Hero Academia Manga Sets Up a Lively New Arc

My Hero Academia has been in a dark place for some months now, and manga readers are feeling the weight. To be honest, things have been heavy in the manga for over a year, and fans are ready to see Class 1-A relax even if just a bit. So luckily for us, it looks like a new arc is coming to the series that will give fans a breath of fresh air.

The whole thing was teased this week when My Hero Academia put out its newest chapter. The update was light itself as fans watched Izuku get a much-needed spa day from his pals. By the end of the day, readers watched as all of Class 1-A came together for the first time, and Jirou set up a new arc with a rather brilliant suggestion.

And what could that be? Well, according to the heroine, there's no better way to cheer up everyone in the UA High School shelter than by showing off their skills. "If we're trying to reassure people and bring smiles to their faces, I just might have an idea," she shared with her friends once Izuku fell into an easy nap.

"Like last time at the school festival, let's show 'em everything we're made of. We pulled it off once, didn't we? Because it's not only about bringing it all back the way it was. We gotta work to make the world a better place than before. Going beyond and all."

As you can see, the class is ready to bring some joy to UA High School, and it is long overdue in My Hero Academia. There is no overlooking the dire straits around them, but Class 1-A knows a bit of fun can help brace the masses for what's to come. And after seeing what Izuku has endured, the boy himself could use a bit of a pick-me-up. 

What do you think about this teaser? Where does My Hero Academia need to go next with its arc? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.