My Hero Academia Boosts Hawk's IQ with Little Battle Detail

My Hero Academia has begun the war against the Paranormal Liberation Front, an organization that is over 100,000 villains strong, and the current number two hero Hawks is giving 100% effort in order to combat them. The most recent chapter of the hard hitting Shonen series has placed the heroes of UA Academy against the ever expanding ranks of the newly branded League of Villains, squaring off against not only a number of human antagonists, but the biological nightmares that are the Nomus to boot. With Hawks taking out what he considers to be the biggest threat, the series has kicked things up a notch.

Warning! We'll be diving into spoiler territory for the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia, 264, so if you're looking to venture into these events via the anime, steer clear of the rest of this article!

As heroes like Jiro and Kaminari are facing off against the villains of the Paranormal Liberation Front, Hawks has slinked in the background to take down what he considers to be the most powerful villain in the roster: Twice. The winger number two hero has a unique ability to not simply have wings that allow him to fly, but he can detach the wings attached to his back and send out his own feathers to do certain tasks around him. With a number of his feathers keeping Twice in place, Hawks discusses how he is splitting his feathers into pieces in order to send out messages to his fellow heroes.

Twitter User CDCCubed shared the scene of Hawks splitting his feathers apart and sending them out into battle during the recent Paranormal Liberation Front battle, taking them apart to the point that tiny pieces of the wings' particles are floating through the air with purpose:


Hawks hasn't appeared that often in the anime so far, having made a brief appearance in the main anime series as well as having a secondary role in the recent film release of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. It's clear however that from his appearances in the manga, Hawks has definitely earned his place as the number two hero in the world following All Might's retirement. Though Twice has unleashed his powers against Hawks, with Dabi inching closer to the fray, it's clear that the winged wonder will continue to be one of the best heroes in My Hero Academia's world!

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