My Hero Academia May Hit Izuku with a Crippling Reveal Soon

Izuku Midoriya is the kind of hero who always goes beyond, but My Hero Academia has warned its protagonist about doing so too often. As the boy continues adjusting to One For All, the power's backlash has been hard to control, and Izuku has been hurt fairly often by his quirk. That is why All Might has reminded Izuku to pace himself, but according to the manga nowadays, it seems the hero may have pushed his luck too far.

Recently, My Hero Academia put out a new chapter, and the update was an emotional ride from start to finish. Chapter 285 begins with a look at Izuku as the hero is pitted against Shigaraki. In order to keep the newfound One For All user from using decay again, our hero is keeping the villain up in the air with his quirks, but that means Izuku is using one too many punches.

In fact, Izuku is going way too hard in this fight to stay Shigaraki, but he has little other choices. If the villain were to touch the ground, he would be able to decay Izuku, Aizawa, and a score of other major characters. Even Izuku knows he has gone too far, and that is why the chapter reminds fans of a warning the hero was given by a doctor long ago.

My Hero Academia Izuku
(Photo: Viz Media)

"I'd give you two or three more times, but if you keep getting injured like this, you may permanently lose the use of your arms," the doctor shared.


Clearly, Izuku has pushed beyond that limit, and My Hero Academia shows how extensively damaged his arms are later in this chapter. There is no telling how Izuku will fare after this battle is over. But if the doctor was right, then Izuku has likely lost some function of his arms permanently barring a miracle.

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