My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Teases Ominous Shigaraki and Mirio Collision

My Hero Academia's current War arc has seen the major heroes and villains of the series finally [...]

My Hero Academia's current War arc has seen the major heroes and villains of the series finally collide in all-out open conflict, and things have gotten more personal than anyone could've imagined. Loyalties have been severely tested (and broken); people on both sides of the conflict have sacrificed their lives, and the entire system of heroes and quirks may still collapse, even if the heroes win the fight. And, even though it looks like My Hero Academia's war is about to come to an end soon, there's still plenty of time for some major losses to be suffered. That's why Mirio and Shigaraki facing off on the battlefield has fans freaking out.

My Hero Academia manga chapter 294 SPOILERS Follow!

Mirio made his triumphant return as Lemillion came alongside Best Jeanist's reveal that he was still alive and still very much active. Jeanist and Lemillion arrived just when the heroes needed them most, as the League of Villains and their Gigantomachia monster was about to annihilate Endeavor, Izuku, Bakugo, and the other leaders of the pro hero regiment.

In My Hero Academia 294 things get even more drastic. Jeanist has the League of Villains ensared, and Gigantomachia finally succumbs to the sedative Class 1-A slipped to him. However, Dabi is still on the rampage with his hellish flames, and the Intelligent Nomu that Dr. Garaki unleashed are proving hard to put down. Everything hangs by a thread (literally, in the case of Best Jeanist), so getting Lemellion back is a shot of hope that Izuku and Co. sorely needed.

But how long is Mirio's return going to last?

The main arc of My Hero Academia chapter 294 sees League of villains member Mr. Compress execute a desperate bid to free his team, at the seeming cost of his own life. Compress succeeds and getting himself, Shigaraki and Spinner out of Best Jeanist's web of threads. Compress looks like he's about to make the grand escape, but the final two panels of the chapter set up a much darker turn!

Mirio is the only hero fast and able enough to get to Shigaraki and co. in time, and he certainly looks like he's making a beeline to apprehend. However, the final panel of the manga shows Shigaraki's hair covered face. Is the villain ready for Lemillion?

Shigaraki colliding with Mirio is a situation that could go one of two ways:

  1. Shigaraki steals Lemillion's phase quirk, which is a pretty useful one to hold.
  2. Shigaraki disintegrates Mirio, as a final middle finger to the heroes before escaping.

If Shigaraki steals Mirio's power it's not really a big deal. My Hero Academia's new chapter also reveals that Eri has developed her powers to the point of being able to reverse any power loss a hero suffers. However, if Mirio is disintegrated, there's no coming back from that.

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