My Hero Academia Celebrates Its New Arc's First Victory

My Hero Academia is moving into its new arc, and season five promises to be an exciting one so far. Right now, all eyes are on our heroes at UA Academy given their latest mission, and it has brought Class 1 together. After all, both hero classes are teaming up for a joint training arc, and the story's first winner has been crowned.

As it turns out, My Hero Academia episode 92 witnessed the turnaround as Class 1-A and 1-B went head to head. To kick things off, Class A brought Tsuyu and Kaminari in line with Shinso and Kirishima for battle. The group was met with Class B's team which included heroes like Ibara, Jurota, Hiryu, and more.

my hero academia
(Photo: Bones)

The episode was mostly focused on battle, and it gave all of our kids time to shine. After all, Class A managed to shock fans with Tsuyu as the girl gave us a look at her new move. She managed to knock two enemies clear after grabbing one with her tongue and hitting the other with them. And even through Kirishima was taken out fairly easily, Kaminari made up for it with a shockingly brilliant plan.

In the end, Class A ended up winning this first match, but there are more on the way. Shinso provided excellent support to his teammates by messing up the communication of Class B. He even managed to nab some foes with his capture scarf, so his training with Aizawa has paid off. Now, the question remains how round two will go, and you can bet Class B is eager to settle the score when its next team steps up to bat.

What do you think of this latest My Hero Academia victory? Are you glad Class 1-A scored the win or...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.