My Hero Academia Has Fulfilled All For One's Bleak Prophecy

My Hero Academia has been a champion for pro heroes since day one, but that doesn't mean the system is flawless. Villains such as Shigaraki have shown how a hero society leaves so many disenfranchised behind. Still, some villains are just evil for evil's sake, and All For One is at the top of that list. So now that one of his bleakest predictions has come true, well - fans are feeling a tad bit depressed.

The moment came full circle in the latest chapter of My Hero Academia. The update hit this past weekend and left readers with a sour taste in their mouths. After all, the foundation of hero society is falling away in wake of a deadly terror attack. Villains are running wild, and one scene in particular has fulfilled All For One's most-desired wish.

The scene in question shows a statue of All Might back in his prime. The bulky monument was made to honor the Symbol of Peace in all of his victory. However, that is no longer the case. The status is shown totally abandoned here, and a disgruntled citizen has put a sign around All Might's neck that reads, "I am not here."

This damning sight shows how fall hero society has come, and that is what All For One wanted. The man said as much when All Might came to visit him in prison. It was there All For One told his prediction of the future, and it seems to be happening at last.

"But you can't save people anymore. All you can do is watch in horror at the explosion of villain activity that you caused. I picture you living out your remaining years cursing your own powerlessness," he said.


Now, those words are coming to pass as the truth. Villains are on the rise right now, and All Might doesn't have the physical strength to do anything about it. Still, the man's heart is as heroic as ever, so My Hero Academia fans do not believe they have seen the last of All Might in battle.

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