My Hero Academia Gives a Major Update on Stain

My Hero Academia has been put through the wringer as of late. While the anime gets things ready [...]

My Hero Academia has been put through the wringer as of late. While the anime gets things ready behind-the-scenes for season five, the manga has run on with an impressive arc. A dark shadow has come to settle over the series in print given how deadly its latest arc was. And now, things are setting up with Stain to make the next arc of My Hero Academia even bleaker.

The update came with the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia. Fans were eager to check out the new chapter this week in the wake of some major prison breaks. After all, most of society is in shambles as heroes lost a public battle against Shigaraki and his crew. Villains are now running amok in Japan, and it seems like Stain has joined them quietly.

mha stain
(Photo: Studio Bones)

Chapter 300 confirmed Stain was able to make it off Tartarus after the prison was broken into. While All For One left with his new crew, it looks like Stain managed to swim back to the mainland. Such a feat is impressive given how far away Tartarus was from solid land, but Stain is nothing if not determined. He will stop at nothing to complete his vision, and no amount of water will stop him.

The manga doesn't show much of Stain in this update, but they are given a close-up of him as he heads back to his base. Stain is able to locate one of his bloodstained swords amongst his possessions, so there is no mistaking his intentions. Stain is ready to get back to business, and that means bad news for heroes. He will come after any pro hero who dares cross him, and that isn't going to help their tarnished image with the public right about now.

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