My Hero Academia Just Slip Past a Big Gundam Easter Egg

My Hero Academia is on an intense bender where its manga is concerned, and that goes doubly for its prequel. A new chapter of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes has gone live, and the update was a fun one. After all, it gave fans the chance to reunite with 5 O'Clock and Knuckle Duster. And if you looked very closely, you will have spotted a solid Gundam Easter egg that is more than welcome.

The update came with chapter 86 as fans followed 5 O'Clock on a mission from his past. The hero made his way into an underground fight club that is brutal, to say the least. The affair is supported by in-person and online patrons who love to watch a good fight brew. And when our hero heads into the ring, some fans noticed a little nod in the background.

After all, one of the people in the background looks very familiar. There is a page that shows the underground event's host as he panders to the crowd. It is there he welcomes all of the audience members watching the fight from afar, and My Hero Academia fans noticed one of the attendees is none other than Char Azanable.

Of course, fans should know that name as Char has quite a reputation. The character was made famous in the original Mobile Suit Gundam series. Not only is a major player in the Universal Century timeline but acts as a major antagonist... and an occasional protagonist. Char is known as one of the best pilots in the Gundam universe, and despite his unsavory alliances, he remains a favorite character with fans around the world.


Of course, this means Char's cameo makes sense. The iconic villain is included in My Hero Academia: Vigilantes as a wayward baddie. Sure, he may not be attacking civilians, but he buys into a dangerous underground fight club that prides itself on lawlessness. So in the future, here's to hoping the manga welcomes back Char and debuts his yet-known Quirk to everyone.

What do you think about this clever easter egg? Did you pick up on it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.