'My Hero Academia' Highlights Clever Marvel, DC Superhero Easter Egg

In a world of superheroes, it can be hard to standout. Guys like Izuku Midoriya know how difficult becoming a hero is, and My Hero Academia is not one to shy away from the struggle. For those heroes-in-training, they have their own idols to look up to, but some of their role models may not be real.

After all, it looks like DC and Marvel Comics are alive and well within the anime’s canon.

If you hadn’t noticed, My Hero Academia takes plenty of superhero cues from famous comic icons. For instance, there seems to be a clear connection between Tsuyu and Toad, a beloved mutant from the X-Men franchise. Creator Kohei Horikoshi is upfront about his love of comics, so it isn’t surprising to know Marvel and DC heroes exist in My Hero Academia even if they are not really heroes.

All you have to do is check out the My Hero Academia manga to see. Chapter 172 confirms guys like Superman, Moon Knight, and Spider-Man are all canon to the series. Other Japanese superheroes like Ultraman, Kamen Rider, and Megan Man also get a shout out from the students of UA Academy. If you look real carefully through the tweet above, it looks like Spawn even appears in the manga’s silhouette panel.


Of course, these superheroes are not the ones who Izuku loves. The protagonist has one Pro Hero he admires above all others, and that would be All Might. The mighty man is the world’s Symbol of Peace, and All Might helps Izuku take a step towards becoming a hero when he shares his Quirk with the boy. As the two get to know one another, Izuku learns what it means to be a superhero, and the duo’s partnership highlights all of the best parts of legacy heroes.

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