My Hero Academia: Breaking Down the Arcs of Act One

My Hero Academia has tons of arcs, and we're breaking down the storylines of its first act.

It is hard to believe that My Hero Academia has been around for nearly a decade. After debuting in 2014, Deku and his U.A. High School friends have undergone all kinds of wild missions. From simple rescues to world-changing wars, My Hero Academia has it all, and many fans are trying to brush up on the manga now that its final act is live.

Of course, there is a lot of ground to cover where My Hero Academia is concerned, so it can be difficult keeping pace. It is hard enough sorting out all of My Hero Academia's arcs, but that is why we are here! We're breaking down the manga's arcs for your ease, so you can figure out where you stand in the timeline of Deku's journey.


Entrance Exam Arc: My Hero Academia begins with a tense story that finds Izuku down on his luck. After we learn about his Quirkless status, we're thrust into a world where Deku has a new shot at becoming a pro, and All Might himself invests in the boy's training in hopes he makes it into U.A. High School.

Quirk Assessment Arc: After starting high school at U.A., Izuku is in for a nasty reminder of his fledgling powers. He will have to work five times as hard to catch up with his classmates who've wielded quirks since he was a child, and his new home room teacher Mr. Aizawa stresses as much.

Battle Training Arc: Izuku gets his first costume in this novice arc that pits him and his classmates in simple trials. Things go well enough until Deku is pitted against his former-friend-turned-rival, and Bakugo makes it clear he's out to crush him.

USJ Arc: As the manga's first major conflict, the USJ arc shows our students what evil looks like up close. When a horde of villains led by Shigaraki make it into U.A. High School, Class 1-A is forced to fight for their lives before All Might steps in to go PLUS ULTRA.

Sports Festival Arc: After the USJ incident is dealt with, the school pulls together to bring its annual sports festival to light. This collaborative arc pushes Izuku to new lengths as he forges bonds with Shoto and Shinso to start. But as the event comes to an end, his life is flipped when news of his friend's family emergency comes to light.

Hero Killer Stain Arc: This action-packed arc breaks down the debut of Stain, the Hero Killer. The zealous man is eager to raze society because of its false heroes, and when Iida tries to get revenge on Stain, the mission goes south in record time.

Final Exams Arc: The first semester of Izuku's high school career is capstoned with an arc regarding final exams. All of Class 1-A is stressed out, and when the crew is paired together for pro hero skirmishes, Deku and Bakugo are floored to discover they'll be working together to pass.

Training Camp Arc: In the wake of the final exams, the freshmen of Class 1 are sent on a summer training camp. The fun-loving outing is ruined when the League of Villains appears with a list of hostages in mind, and Deku is left critically injured while Bakugo is kidnapped by Dabi's hand.

Hideout Raid Arc: Of course, the heroes are not going to stand by and let Bakugo suffer under the League. All Might and the top heroes of Japan form a rescue party which Deku crashes with his friends. In the end, All Might saves his students, but it costs him greatly when All For One appears for a final showdown.


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