My Hero Academia Creator Promises Bakugo a Huge Role in the Finale

It wasn't long ago that My Hero Academia entered its final phase, and in that short time, Bakugo Katsuki has gone through a lot. From fighting villains to reconciling with Izuku, the hot-headed hero has come a long way. Of course, creator Kohei Horikoshi has more in store for the character, and fans are already guessing what will come next. And apparently, it seems Bakugo has secured himself a good spot for the manga's eventual finale. 

The update came courtesy of Jump Festa, an annual event in Japan dedicated to all things anime. It was there Horikoshi wrote to fans about the series and its status. Not only did the letter confirm the artist hoped to end My Hero Academia within the next year, but Bakugo Katsuki will have a big role in the finale.

According to Aitaikimochi over on Twitter, Horikoshi said the hot-headed boy will play a huge role in the manga. The artist went on to say he hopes readers who love and hate Bakugo will enjoy his moment in the spotlight. So as you can see, something big is about to happen.

At this point, there is no telling what Bakugo will get up to in the finale, but fans can guess. Shigaraki is going to take on Izuku while Ochaco focuses on Toga. Naturally, Shoto and Endeavor will team up against Dabi given their history. And as for Bakugo, well – he can take on just about anyone. Fans expect the hero to ultimately join Izuku against Shigaraki, so his big moment could come during the team-up. And if anything should happen to the hero, we can only hope his plot armor will be strong enough to save him!

There is still plenty of time for My Hero Academia to set up Bakugo's role in the finale, so fans should keep a careful watch over the boy. These days, the manga has focused on Class 1-A training, and Bakugo has been trying to nail down a new signature attack. After reconciling with Izuku, it seems the sky is the limit for the heated hero, and his explosive nature is sure to make for a wild finale. 

What do you think about Horikoshi's little tease here? Where do you think My Hero Academiaa's finale should take Bakugo? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.