My Hero Academia Shares Unused Cover Art of Deku's Scariest Form

My Hero Academia's manga is picking up the pieces following the War Arc, as Deku now finds himself in a very new and different situation, facing down one of the most terrifying villains he ever fought in his short career as an aspiring hero. In an unreleased piece of art, Midoriya's scariest form to date is the centerpiece as we see what the power of One For All can look like when it is fully unleashed and pointed at the direction of the villains who are threatening both hero society and the world at large.

The piece comes courtesy of My Hero Academia's most recent volume. The manga put out volume 30 in Japan just recently, and it was loaded with never-before-seen goods. One of them was an unused sketch done by Kohei Horikoshi, and the discarded cover art shows Izuku at his most terrifying.

As you can see above, the artwork on the left shows Izuku powering up in a big way. The boy is seen in the middle of a strange pile, but as you look more closely, you will see the pile is made up of bodies. These bodies symbolize those lost during the recent Villain Raid arc that left many of our pro heroes dead or maimed. Gran Torino, Aizawa, and Bakugo head up the pile as Izuku rages above them. And yeah, the green-haired hero looks terrifying in this shot.

Horikoshi brought a feral Izuku to life in this image, and this form is the stuff of nightmares. Izuku is going berserk with power emanating around him out of grief and despair. This is the kind of power My Hero Academia fans never wanted Izuku to experience, but this overlooked cover art tried to make it happen. But for now, it seems Izuku will go on without this power... that is, unless something horrible goes wrong soon.

What do you make of this special cover art? Do you think My Hero Academia should have gone with this artwork or...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.