My Hero Academia's Creator Is Pitching His Next Manga Project

When you think about My Hero Academia, the horror genre may not spring to mind, but that isn't stopping creator Kohei Horikoshi from spreading his wings. In the past bit, the manga has embraced some dark themes and visuals as its final act is finally ramping up. Horikoshi's art has certainly taken some fans by surprise given the shift, but now, the artist admits his next manga series may lean into these horror themes more than anyone could have guessed.

The update comes from the artist himself as Horikoshi wrote an author's note with his latest chapter of My Hero Academia. It was there the artist admitted he's interested in horror manga, and his curiosity is growing by the day.

"I have a small desire to draw a horror manga," he wrote. "[A] very small [desire]."

As you can see, Horikoshi is thinking about story ideas beyond My Hero Academia, and that is hardly shocking by now. After all, the artist has grown bounds since Izuku Midoriya came onto the scene several years back. As the series starts to cut through its final act, fans are seeing how Horikoshi's art has taken on new edges. The body horror he brings out in Shigaraki and All For One is genius to even the biggest naysayers. So if Horikoshi wanted to tackle a horror manga, fans have no doubt he could do it.

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Of course, Horikoshi has not announced any of his plans once My Hero Academia ends. Fans are hoping the artist takes a good rest and enjoys some freedom after adhering to Shonen Jump's insane publication schedule. If he chooses to return to manga, then fans will be happy to welcome Horikoshi whenever that time comes. But for now, well – fans can spend their time pitching horror ideas they'd like to see the artist slip into.

Do you think Horikoshi should pursue a horror manga as his next series? Does the genre suit his art style? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.