My Hero Academia's Final Stretch Really Needs to Give Dabi a Family Reunion

My Hero Academia may be toeing into its final act, but the manga is far from being over. Kohei Horikoshi has tons of loose ends to tuck before Izuku can become the world's greatest hero, after all. From Shigaraki to All For One, there is lots to address, and Dabi is becoming one of the story's hottest topics. So as the fiery villain prepares to tell his life story to Shoto, well – fans have a single request.

And what might that be? Well, it has to do with Dabi's past. If the man doesn't get to experience some kind of family reunion before the manga closes, fans might just riot.

At this point, it only makes sense for Dabi to reunite with his family. Or rather, his mother and all his siblings. We know Endeavor is on Dabi's hit list, and it is hard to imagine that changing in any way. Endeavor could join a monastery to repent the abuse he dealt towards his family, and Dabi wouldn't care a bit. The pro hero is the source of his complexes, and Endeavor hasn't turned over a new leaf quite yet. There is the slimmest chance Endeavor could actually save his estranged son from his villainous path, but that doesn't mean the same goes for his family.

Yes, Dabi has shown tons of hostility to his siblings by now, and Shoto has earned the most grief. Even Rei hasn't escaped that wrath as Dabi has sometimes spat on his mother's weakness in staying with Endeavor through his abuse. Only Fuyumi and Natsuo have come away from Dabi's rampage unscathed, and that is promise enough to at least try reuniting the siblings.

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As Shoto has said, there is no one who could understand Dabi's complex feelings towards Endeavor better than his siblings. Each of the Todoroki children underwent different abuse from Endeavor, but the core of their shared experience cannot be underestimated. If there is any empathy in Dabi, the siblings could reach it. And if Dabi is too far gone, well – a family reunion might give Touya what he wanted so desperately as a child.

Endeavor wrote his oldest kid off easily enough, but Shoto isn't willing to do that. He has promised to take responsibility for Dabi, but in order to save the villain, the half-and-half hero will need to unchain Touya's deep wounds. That sort of monumental task requires more than one person's hands. And despite the final act's war, My Hero Academia fans are confident the Todoroki family would gather to save Dabi from himself.


How would you like to see Dabi's future go as My Hero Academia wraps? Do you think he will make it out of the series alive? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.