My Hero Academia Stuns with Brutal Hero Death

If you haven't caught up on My Hero Academia's manga as of yet, now is the perfect time as the war between the professional heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front is geting heated, resulting in the brutal death of one of it's crime fighters! Easily one of the most talked about chapters to date, the most recent installment of My Hero Academia follows Twice and Hawks' conflict, with the villainous Dabi entering the fray. With the war raging all around them, there are certainly going to be more than a number of casualties as a result!

Warning! If you haven't read Chapter 266 of My Hero Academia's manga, you may want to steer clear as we're going to go into some BIG spoiler territory with this article so steer clear if you don't want this spoiled!

The battle between Twice and Hawks literally heats up with Dabi unleashing a torrent of flame that nearly consumes them both. With the duplicating villain attempting to leave the brawl in order to save his friends within the League from the heroes' assault, Hawks has no choice but to do the unthinkable and seemingly plunges one of his wings directly through Twice, knocking him off a ledge and killing him. However, much like a chicken with its head cut off, Twice is still kicking for a short amount of time.

As Toga and Compress are assaulted by an unnamed hero, using his Quirk in order to "swallow them whole" with strange creatures protruding from his arms, the hero is brutally slain by one of Twice's clones, stabbing him in the back of the head and killing him instantly in the process. While this may not have been one of the bigger heroes in the roster for My Hero Academia, it shows how brutal and bloody the war between the two factions is becoming.

(Photo: Viz Media)

Following this hero's death, Toga gleefully greets Twice, only for the duplicating villain to inform her that he is simply one of the clones and is slowly losing consistency as the masked antagonist has fallen to his death at the hands of Hawks. As Twice is seemingly gone for good, Toga embraces him and thanks him for saving her life, thus causing the multiplying rogue to die with a smile on his face!

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