My Hero Academia Reveals Stunning Mirko Cover Art

One of the biggest new standouts in the world of professional heroes in My Hero Academia has been the bouncing rabbit hero of Mirko, with the manga honoring the high flying crime fighter with a cover spot all her own on the most recent chapter of the series! Though Mirko has just made her debut officially in the anime, her appearance in the manga has ratcheted up the stakes in the story arc that pits the biggest heroes and villains of the franchise against one another in the "Paranormal Liberation War" arc!

Mirko was given her first debut in the anime series during the recent fourth season, appearing as one of the top heroes during the Hero Billboard Chart ceremony that christened the current number one and number two heroes in the forms of Endeavor and Hawks. While her shining moments in the manga are certainly still a ways off from taking place in the anime, Mirko's appearance and bubbly personality has already made her a fan favorite among fans. With a fifth season already confirmed for My Hero Academia, expect to see more from the rabbit hero as the adventures of Midoriya and the professional heroes continues to move forward!

Shonen Jump shared the cover of the latest volume of My Hero Academia which features both the top professional hero of Mirko along with a number of rabbits that highlight the Quirk that has made the energetic crime fighter a shining star in the universe of UA Academy:

In the recent chapters of My Hero Academia, the "Paranormal Liberation War" has shown Mirko in a fast paced battle against the Nomu created by Dr. Garaki. With Mirko being severely injured during the fight, even losing an arm in the process, she has continued to prove herself by delivering insanely strong blows and tearing through some of the strongest Nomu ever introduced. While we aren't sure if she will survive the war, it's clear that Mirko has earned her spot as a fan favorite!


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