Which of My Hero Academia's Characters Are the Most Popular?

When it comes to My Hero Academia, we all have our favorites. Some side with Shoto while others enjoy Bakugo's fiery personality, and that does not even account for its villains. Of course, this means popularity polls are brutal for the manga, and it is hard to imagine which star reigns supreme with fans. But as it turns out, the data proves there is a clear answer when it comes to My Hero Academia's top dog.

Thanks to Weekly Shonen Jump, there is hard data out there on My Hero Academia's most popular characters. The magazine has done popularity polls on the regular to gauge its top heroes. The most recent was done to kick off the magazine's 2022 run. So if you think Katsuki Bakugo is the manga's top dog, you're right.

According to the manga's latest popularity poll, Bakugo ranked first with 13,869 votes. Second place went to Izuku Midoriya with 10,462 votes and Shoto Todoroki ranked in third place with 7,999 votes. The top ten characters went on to cover Eijiro Kirishima, Hawks, Tenya Ida, Eraser Head, Present Mic, Rody Soul, and Hitoshi Shinso.

For those wondering whether these results were a fluke, you better think again. Bakugo has taken the top spot of every My Hero Academia popularity poll except its first one done just after chapter 50 went live. However, the explosive blonde has always ranked in the top three since these polls began, and the same can be said for Midoriya and Todoroki. The latter almost always ranks second, but Todoroki did take second place in Fall 2018.

As My Hero Academia continues, fans are sure these three powerhouses will continue to dominate popularity polls, and the seats underneath will surely change. Rody Soul got a boost as of late thanks to his big movie, but new characters will come in before long. And as the manga's final act leans into its villains, you can expect guys like Dabi and Tomura Shigaraki to jump the ranks rather quickly. 

What do you think of the manga's popularity polls to date? Do you believe the results really represent the My Hero Academia fandom? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.