My Hero Academia Debuts Popularity Poll Results with Steampunk Poster

My Hero Academia has definitely had fun with the openings and endings of its anime, as well as numerous covers of its manga volumes, and the recent release of the sixth popularity poll in Japan was released in conjunction with a new manga cover that portrays the students of Class 1-A in Steampunk apparel! During one of the endings of the anime series, Midoriya and his fellow students at UA Academy were given "fantasy makeovers" to imagine what the heroes would look like if they were medieval heroes instead of modern ones and we would imagine there will be more makeovers down the line!

In the My Hero Academia universe, the "Top 10" of the hero world will be ranked not only thanks in part to their overall abilities and the strength of their Quirks, but also how they are able to relate to the public and use their personalities to keep general civilians calm. With Endeavor gaining the spot as the number one hero, he has been working on how he can relate to those that he has vowed to protect, attempting to fill the spot of the new "Symbol of Peace" that All Might had left behind when he lost his powers in the battle against All For One!

Twitter User Aitai Ki Mochi shared the latest popularity poll that shows that Bakugo is the current number one hero among fans, proving that despite his hot temper, "Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight" is clearly a fan-favorite character among the world of heroes:

Bakugo fans nearly had a heart attack during the latest story arc of the manga, where Shigaraki inherited the power of All For One and used it to nearly kill the explosive hero in the Paranormal Liberation War Arc! Though Bakugo ultimately survived being impaled, he certainly isn't in the clear yet as the War Arc continues.

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