My Hero Academia Animator Gives Backstage Look at Izuku vs Gentle Fight

My Hero Academia has finished season four already, but one of its animators has brought it back to life with a special backstage look Izuku's battle with Gentle. The fight took place towards the end of the season as My Hero Academia ran through its second arc of the season. And for all of you who loved the sequence, Kojima Fujimoto has a special surprise for you.

The key animator shared the behind-the-scenes look with fans on Twitter recently. It was there fans got to see the rough cut he drew for Gentle and Izuku. These cuts were used during the battle's most climatic part, and you can tell just by how well these key frames are penned.

The reel, which can be found below, begins with Gentle launching himself towards Izuku who is using his Full Cowling on the ground. When the boy sends a wave of air at Gentle, the villain must dodge them mid-air while Izuku prepares to engage with his foe from the floor.

It doesn't take long before Izuku flies up to land a punch on Gentle. The older man takes quite the beating and is unable get up before Izuku holds him to the ground. Of course, that would be the moment that La Brava walks up to the scene, and the girl begins to cry when she sees her idol beaten. As Taylor Swift might put things, he was lying on the cold hard ground, and Fujimoto's reel ends with La Brava walking towards the pair before it fades to black.

This fight might not have been as flashy as some seen in My Hero Academia, but this battle did have more emotion than most. This hand drawn reel proves as much, and fans admit they're lucky they had someone as talented as Fujimoto handle this sequence.


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