My Hero Academia Star Clifford Chapin Teases Bakugo's Growing Pains in Season 4

My Hero Academia's much-anticipated fourth season will be making its huge comeback this October as part of the Fall 2019 anime season, and fans will be introduced to a new status quo on its return. The final arc of the third season saw Midoriya and Class 1-A fighting for their provisional hero licenses, but both Bakugo and Todoroki had failed their tests and left stuck in limbo. That's bound to push them in different directions than the others for now.

The English voice behind Bakugo, Clifford Chapin, actually spoke about Bakugo's upcoming growing pains in Season 4 with, and he's got some ideas as to where Bakugo's head is at throughout this upcoming season.

Speaking about what he wants to see in the next season, Chapin notes how he wants Bakugo and Midoriya's relationship to change even more, "I want to see the growth between him and Deku go even further. We see it start to hint a little bit and the end of season three, after their big fight, there's that moment where Deku says, 'What did you think of how I was fighting?' And it seems like Bakugo's not gonna give him any advice but then he does come in with some good criticism."

Elaborating further, "[T]hat is immediately already one hurtle that he's starting to step over and I'm really looking forward to seeing Bakugo go further with it to get to the point that he no longer really resents that Deku's here, and accepts that Deku's here. I'm really excited to see it. I wanna see how that plays out and where it goes. I wanna see him overcome his own shortcomings."

While Chapin wants to see Bakugo grow emotionally, he does also want to see him get that elusive Hero License, "I wanna see him get the license. I'm really hoping we get to see that and that he works through it. I just wanna see all those steps. I feel like Bakugo, where Deku is rising in confidence, Bakugo is rising in, I feel like humility. He has to come to terms with these things. I don't think it's changing his determination, but I'm so eager to see where he grows from here. He's grown so much already. And, yeah, I mean it was a rough season, he got kidnapped, and then he had that big fight."


As for how Bakugo would celebrate should he successfully get that license, "I kinda feel like everybody always expects Bakugo to be this very bombastic personality in those moments, but I feel like Bakugo would just be like, 'Yeah, of course I got it.' And would just like go to bed or something.

Fans will be able to hear Clifford Chapin as Bakugo once again when My Hero Academia Season 4 premieres on October 12th in Japan and streams with FunimationNow. The release date for the simuldub has not been confirmed as of this writing, however.