My Hero Academia Shares Nana Shimura's Quirk

Nana Shimura's shadow looms large in the anime series of My Hero Academia, not just thanks to her student All Might continuing to be a hero even following the loss of his full power with One For All, but also with his grandson Shigaraki taking control of the Meta Liberation Army thanks to the conclusion of the My Villain Academia Arc. In the finale of season five, All Might sits down both Izuku and Bakugo, laying out the next big Quirk that Midoriya must learn to continue on his journey of becoming the next Symbol of Peace.

As revealed in this latest season finale, Shimura's Quick is Float, which allowed the professional hero to levitate in mid-air, which was added to the countless number of powers that came from One For All. With Midoriya recently mastering the power of Black Whip, thanks in part to his training beneath the current number one hero, Endeavor, it's no surprise to see that the young Deku is continuing his journey to learning more about his insanely powerful Quirk. Though Izuku hasn't begun training with this new ability, it certainly seems as though he'll need all the help he can get for season six, which is promising to bring the heroes and villains into a battle that has been dubbed the "War Arc,"

(Photo: Studio Bones)

Nana might have taught her protege All Might to always wear a smile into battle in order to keep civilians at ease, but her life was nothing if not a tragic one. Forced to essentially abandon her son, Kotaro grew to hate the world of heroes, treating his family poorly thanks in part to growing up without a mother of his own. This horrific parenting style came back to bite him when Shigaraki first discovered his Quirk, accidentally killing his family, while directing the full force of his decay at his father, doing the same.

Though Shimura might be dead, her spirit lives on within the Quirk of One For All, meaning that Deku can still have conversations with her, which will definitely be an important fact to remember for fans when the War Arc arrives, and for stories that take place beyond the hero/villain war.


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