My Hero Academia Cosplay Celebrates Nana Shimura's Season 5 Return

This My Hero Academia cosplay is smiling brightly with Nana Shimura to celebrate her return for Season 5! The much anticipated fifth season of the anime series is now well underway as part of the Spring 2021 anime schedule of new releases, and with the return of this series comes a whole host of new questions for Izuku Midoriya and his One For All power. Picking up from the cliffhanger in the fourth season, Izuku Midoriya woke up within a strange space within One For All and had met the previous vestiges of the power face to face for the first real time.

This included one person very close to All Might, his teacher and seventh user of the One For All ability, Nana Shimura. While much of her is still being held as a mystery within One For All, her prominence in this sequence and importance to All Might suggests we'll be seeing much more of her soon. Until then, at least artists are bringing the major hero to life through some awesome cosplay such as @akrcos' take on the pro on Instagram! Check it out below:

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My Hero Academia's fifth season is now airing new episodes every Saturday, and fans can keep up with these new releases on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu. The English dub release of the series has been slated to begin with Funimation beginning on April 10th, and with the date set for its SimulDub release the fifth season has also scheduled its release with Adult Swim's Toonami programming block as well.

My Hero Academia's fifth season will be returning to the Toonami programming block on May 8th, and hopefully by this point we'll know much more about Izuku Midoriya's connection to One For All's past vestiges. Until then, the major crux of the action will be surrounding a new joint training exercise between Class 1-A and 1-B. Separating the two groups into teams (with Hitoshi Shinso added in as a special test), fans will get to see what these students are fully capable of!


Maybe this also means more Nana Shimura? Until then, cosplay like this is keeping the pro in the spotlight! But what did you think of Nana Shimura popping up with the other One For All vestiges in Season 5? What are you hoping to see from My Hero Academia's new season? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments!