My Hero Academia Season 5 May Have the Show's Worst Adapted Arc

My Hero Academia is on the cusp of its season five finale, and fans are already taking the time to reflect on the show up until now. After the series return with new episodes this year, the expectations were high as season five would introduce some key plot points. From Izuku's growing powers to Shigaraki's heyday, the fandom expected a lot out of season five and its depiction of these events. But now, it seems the community is coming to terms with what they believe to be a major letdown.

Let's rewind things for a bit. When it comes to My Hero Academia seasons, fans can expect anywhere from 3-4 arcs getting coverage. For season five, audiences watched as Izuku took part in a joint training mission that led to One For All expanding in a shocking way. From there, fans were pushed towards an internship arc filled with Todoroki secrets before My Villain Academia rocketed to the screen.

Within the fandom, you can expect a number of complaints to come up per season, but things were escalated this year. My Hero Academia fans were lackluster in the first two arcs of season five, and they questioned why the story was swapping structure. My Villain Academia would end the season after its arc was pushed back compared to the manga. And in doing so, some fans believe season five produced the anime's worst-adapted arc yet.

As you can imagine, the structure shift weirded out fans, and netizens were quick to suggest the shift dull the kind of impact Shigaraki had. This complaint was met with others addressing animation as season five lacked an epic fight sequence. From Izuku vs Shoto to Endeavor vs High-End, the anime comes through season after season with these moments. My Villain Academia failed to do that with Shigaraki vs Redestro, and to make things worst, the latter villain had his role diminished.

Obviously, a show has to make concessions when it adapts written material, but My Hero Academia fans have hit social media to lament the fail here. For four seasons, My Hero Academia has come out a winner, but season five simmered in its finale rather than sear. But with season six surely on the docket for 2022, fans are crossing their fingers for a truly epic comeback.

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