My Hero Academia Season 6: What We Know Right Now

My Hero Academia has put season five to rest, but work on the anime is still moving forward. If you did not hear, the show is getting a sixth season as expected, and fans are already counting down the days until it goes live. Of course, this means there are tons of us wanting to know all about season six, so we've put everything we know about the season here in one place...!

At this point, season six is very much a mystery to fans. The sixth season was officially confirmed when My Hero Academia put out its season five finale. The tease shared a brief clip of Izuku from season six while Shigaraki was shown very close up. Clearly, the two are going to become even bigger figures in season six, and manga readers know how true that is.

After all, the manga is ahead of the anime, so My Hero Academia readers do know where the show is headed. If you are not caught up with the series, you should know things are going to get really dark. That much was made clear in the final moments of season five, and the Paranormal Liberation War arc did not reach its peak during Shigaraki's feud with Redestro.

If you have read the manga, you will know what is in store. Shigaraki needs more power to fulfill his destiny as All For One's protege, and he will have the doctor's help. With a new network of villains at hand, our baddie is getting stronger, and the pro heroes are ready to make their big stand. After all, Hawks didn't go undercover in the League for fun, and that information gives our heroes intel for an ambush. But when Japan's top heroes get together, they find themselves out-maneuvered in the worst way possible.

Season six will finish its adaptation of the Paranormal Liberation War arc before moving into the Tartarus Escapees arc. This intense arc will follow Izuku as a rogue hero, and My Hero Academia readers know how hellish his job becomes. But when it comes to a finale, season six is up in the air. The manga is still in the midst of the Tartarus Escapees arc, so the show is getting dangerously close to Kohei Horikoshi's place. If it catches up completely, more filler content might be necessary, but the manga has months to move forward with an arc before season six gets underway.

Fans also know little about the crew and cast of season six. It is all but assured the anime's usual cast will stay on, but brand-new heroes will come forward in this new season. With Bones overseeing the project, fans can expect some top-tier talent to join the anime next year.

And finally, there's no confirmed release window for season six. My Hero Academia tends to debut in the spring to run through the summer and end in the fall. However, that pattern has been disrupted before thanks to movie productions or scheduling snafus. At this point, fans expect season six to debut in Spring - Summer 2022, but there is no official word on that yet. 


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