My Hero Academia Cosplay Shows Off Season 6's New Favorite, Lady Nagant

My Hero Academia Season 6 introduced all kinds of wild new situations for Izuku Midoriya and the other heroes to navigate, and one awesome cosplay is showing off why Lady Nagant was such a quick fan favorite following her debut in the anime! The Final Act of Kohei Horikoshi's original My Hero Academia manga has been testing Deku and his fellow young heroes more so than ever before as the villains have sent Japan into chaos. This has been seen in the second half of Season 6's episodes thus far, and included some key fights for Deku as he readies for his big rematch against Tomura Shigaraki and All For One. 

As part of the villains' master plan, All For One had tasked some of the Tartarus prisoners with seeking out Deku and taking him down by any means necessary. This led to a fight against the first of the hired guns, Lady Nagant, who quickly made an impact with fans due to how much of a threat she immediately was. Now artist sailorkayla on TikTok has provided a great reminder as to why Lady Nagant was such a hit with some sharpshooting cosplay! Check it out: 


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Who is Lady Nagant in My Hero Academia Season 6?

My Hero Academia's characters are still in the midst of several trials before the Final Act continues, and the final episodes of Season 6 are setting the stage for the grand finale. Lady Nagant was last seen in the fight with Deku when she admitted that she didn't exactly want to work for All For One. She turned out to be the former hero working with the Public Safety Commission (much like Hawks does now), and was only labeled a villain when she refused to do their dirty work any longer. 

But fighting against Deku got her to hope again, and she ended up giving some key details for the heroes to proceed next. It's highly likely that Lady Nagant is down for the count for now given that All For One planted an explosion within his gifted quirk to her, but she's become such a fan favorite that it's hard to imagine she will stay away from the anime for too long. 

What are you hoping to see from Lady Nagant in My Hero Academia's anime and manga future? Let us know all of your thoughts on it and everything anime in the comments!