My Hero Academia Preview Hints at Uravity's Big Moment

My Hero Academia is inching ever closer to its season six finale and while Deku's time as a dark hero might be ending, his challenges have just started. The last installment of the anime adaptation saw Deku fighting against his friends in Class 1-A, with the likes of Bakugo, Iida, and Shoto Todoroki attempting to turn Midoriya back from his path of self-destruction. Now, with a new preview for the upcoming episode landing this weekend, the anime is hinting at a major moment for Uravity brought to animation for the first time.

Ochaco first got into the hero game as a way to take care of her parents financially, as being a crime fighter in Hero Society could lead to making some serious cash if you are able to rise the ranks. In My Hero Academia Season 6, Uravity has been proving herself time and time again in the War Arc and beyond, with the previous fight placing her against the nefarious Toga as the two both harbored a crush for Deku. Of all the My Hero Academia characters, Uravity has the best grasp on gravity thanks to her Quirk and both the current anime adaptation and the My Hero Academia manga will put her powers to the test. 

My Hero Academia: Uravity Rises

While Class 1-A might be more than willing to welcome Deku back into the fold following his Dark Hero tenure, the civilians looking for refuge at UA Academy aren't as accommodating. While fans shouldn't expect Uravity to unleash her gravity powers on the populace, Ochaco will have the opportunity to show how her character has progressed during the events of the series. As big as season six has been, season seven, if it follows the manga, will be much bigger.

Studio Bones has yet to confirm that there will be a seventh season of My Hero Academia's anime adaptation, but based on the shonen series' popularity, it's a pretty safe bet that we'll see Deku and company return. Should the anime continue following the manga, the next season could very well be the last for the students of Class 1-A. The Final Arc is currently playing out in the pages of My Hero Academia's manga and as big as the Paranormal Liberation War was, the latest battles might just put many of them to shame as All For One himself has been a huge part of the conflict.