My Hero Academia Sets Off Eraserhead and Present Mic's Quest for Revenge

My Hero Academia is back with a new season, and it is no surprise the comeback has taken fans by storm. After all, the anime ended season five with a massive cliffhanger, and it set up the war between our heroes and villains. Now, season six is one episode in, and the premiere made it clear that Present Mic and Eraserhead are setting off their quest for revenge.

And honestly? Can you blame them? Eraserhead and Present Mic had a bomb dropped on them regarding their late friend, and the monster who made Kurogiri came face-to-face with the pair this week.

If you are caught up with the anime, you will know exactly what happened with Present Mic and Eraserhead this week. Season six began with our heroes ambushing the hospital where Dr. Garaki works, and the man has hidden secrets well beneath its foundations. After all, the doctor is All For One's closest ally and his research creator Kurogiri from Shirakumo's corpse back in the day. So when our heroes found the weasel, well – it was only a matter of time before the pair fought back.

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The premiere shows Present Mic taking Dr. Garaki into custody at one point, and there is no trace of the jovial hero in sight. The radio star all but interrogates Dr. Garaki about Shirakumo, and his rage is palpable during the exchange. Eraserhead seals the scene from a different location when he promises "to take" from Dr. Garaki just like the man took from them by stealing Shirakumo's body. And by the end of the premiere, Mirko and the others are ready to show Dr. Garaki why pro heroes cannot forgive and forget.


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