My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Sets Up Mirko's Biggest Fight Yet

My Hero Academia is taking big swings for the sixth season of the series, and now that the first episode has premiered it has thrown the Rabbit Hero: Mirko into her biggest fight in the anime to date with its cliffhanger! The Fall 2022 anime schedule has been stacked to the brim with some of the most anticipated new releases of the year overall, and leading the charge is one of the biggest returns of the year as My Hero Academia finally gets its sixth season started. And as teased by the end of the fifth season, it's time for an all out war between the heroes and villains.

The first episode of Season 6 picked up immediately after the end of the fifth season that saw the entire hero roster readying for an attack on the villains' major hideouts, and it's revealed that one of their teams was assigned with confronting Dr. Garaki at Jaku Hospital and potentially taking down his factory of Nomus. As the premiere sees the heroes do just that, Mirko leads the charge as the first major spear to confront this army of powerful Nomu and makes her way to Garaki (and the hiding Tomura Shigaraki) deep within the hospital. 

My Hero Academia Season 6's premiere reveals that the heroes' big plan was to have a two-pronged attack on Jaku Hospital and the main Paranormal Liberation Front base. Hoping to take the villains by surprise thanks to all of the information Hawks was able to pass onto Endeavor during his time undercover, the heroes finally kicked off this full assault during the episode. But it's soon revealed that Garaki had a contingency plan in place against such an attack. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't keep up with Mirko's speed. 

As Endeavor and the other heroes confronted Garaki, Mirko headed deep into the morgue in the hospital's basement only to find many of Garaki's Nomu experiments. Easily cutting her way through them with her powerful kicks, as the premiere comes to an end she's the first and only hero at the scene who can potentially stop Garaki (and Shigaraki, who's still asleep in a tube, powering up his body) before the worst can happen


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