My Hero Academia Recovers Shigaraki With Season Six's Best Art Yet

My Hero Academia promised to pull out all the stops for season six, and so far, the anime hasn't slipped once. When the show returned to the air this fall, all eyes were on Izuku and our heroes as war is on the horizon. This week, the fight threatened to boil over thanks to the last-minute arrival of Shigaraki, and his comeback was heralded with some incredibly tight animation.

As you can see below, fans were quick to geek over My Hero Academia and its latest animation feat. Much of the episode focused on Mirko's epic fight with the High-End Nomu, but that did not stop Shigaraki from showing out. After all, Dr. Garaki made sure Shigaraki got his due, and the animation gifted to the villain for his return was nothing short of epic.

What's Next for Shigaraki?

Clearly, season six did not spare a moment with Shigaraki, and My Hero Academia fans know the villain is about to change hero society for good. Dr. Garaki may not have finished his upgrade on Shigaraki, but the boy is powerful enough now to wield his Decay quirk like never before. And with Japan's heroes congregated for an ambush, there is no way Shigaraki's power boost does not end badly for our favorites.

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If you have read the manga, well – you know things are about to pop off in the worst way. Shigaraki is out of stasis, and it won't be long before his body is ready to battle. Despite a strong start, the pro heroes' ambush is about to go up in flames. Not only is Shigaraki about to prove how easily his Decay spreads but his comeback does not exist in a vacuum. The other members of Shigaraki's army are ready to fight to the bitter end, and we know generals like Dabi and even Toga are bloodthirstier than ever before.

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