My Hero Academia Shows How Genius Gentle's Quirk Can Be

"You can't win against my moustache and my soul!"

The fight has finally begun between Midoriya and the villain that is looking to disrupt UA Academy's Cultural Festival, Gentle Criminal, and with the latest installment of My Hero Academia, we get a much better look at the moustached antagonist's quirk and how he is able to ingeniously wield it! Gentle's powers grant him the ability to control the elasticity of any object that he touches, which may not sound too impressive at first, but this episode confirms that it's not the strength of the quirk that ultimately matter, but how the user wields it!

Gentle and Deku run into one another by happenstance, with the young Midoriya looking to get some additional rope for Class 1-A's upcoming performance at the Cultural Festival. As Izuku realizes just who he stumbled into, the fight begins between the hero and villain. While this fight may have seemed one sided from the start to viewers considering the insane power that Midoriya wields through the quirk of One For All, Gentle proves us all wrong by unleashing a number of different aspects of his own quirk.

MHA Gentle
(Photo: Studio Bones)

With Midoriya leaping into action, he is immediately stopped thanks in part to Gentle making the air in front of him elastic, bouncing the hero back and stopping his progression. Deku finds it extremely difficult to make any leeway as the moustached antagonist doesn't just elasticize the air around him, but the ground as well. With both Gentle and La Brava making their escape by bouncing away on pockets of air, shouting out his techniques with the names of "Gentle Rebound" and "Gentle Trampoline".

Luckily for Deku, he had just received some brand new gloves to help control his quirk, so he unleashes an air attack against Gentle that knocks him into a nearby construction site. As the two begin to battle on top of some steel beams, the silver haired fox begins bouncing around in rapid succession, as well as changing the elasticity of the objects around him. With a steel beam turned into rubber, Gentle forces Deku to stop the pursuit and hold the beam above his head in order to save a civilian down below!


The episode ends with La Brava promising to debut her own quirk in a bid to stop Midoriya from foiling their plan to interrupt the Cultural Festival!

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