My Hero Academia Sees The World Realize There's No Symbol Of Peace

The fourth season finale of My Hero Academia has come and gone, and while it ultimately resulted in Endeavor and Hawks defeating the biological nightmare in the form of the "High End Nomu", it perhaps more importantly showed just how important a "Symbol of Peace" is to the world and what happens to the populace when that figurehead is gone. With the "Symbol of Peace" not just exerting a serious power level among the different heroes of the world, there is something else about the character that is touted to such a high degree that unites the world.

The professional hero rankings of the world don't just take into account how powerful a hero is, but it also takes into consideration the attributes that they have exhibited while fighting crime. What made All Might the "Symbol of Peace" for so long wasn't simply because he was the number one hero or was far more powerful than the rest of the heroes that were patrolling the streets on a regular basis, it was his personality and spirit that helped unite the world searching for peace. Whenever All Might would arrive on the scene to either save lives or fight against a super villain, he would arrive with a smile. His sunny disposition was one that filled people with a general calmness, and when he would shout out to "never fear", the populace would listen and be at ease.

In the season four finale of My Hero Academia, during the titanic battle between Endeavor, Hawks, and the genetic experiment created by the League of Villains, the number one hero had just gained his "crown". Having not really proven himself in the public eye as of yet following the Hero Billboard Charts ceremony, the crowd that was watching the battle began freaking out when the heroes seemed as if they were going to lose against the Nomu. In a blind state of panic, the civilians trampled one another and generally lost their minds!

Luckily, Endeavor was able to prove himself as the new "Symbol of Peace" by raising his arm in victory following the Nomu's defeat in a similar fashion as All Might had following his defeat of All For One. Still, this finale showed just how important this figurehead is for the world of My Hero Academia and the dangers to the population should one not exist.


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