My Hero Academia Starts a New Buddy Cop Comedy with Endeavor and Hawks

This week started a brand new arc of My Hero Academia, following the conclusions of both the Overhaul and Cultural Festival Arcs of Season Four, focusing on the current number one and number two heroes in Endeavor and Hawks, showing that this unlikely pair makes for one of the most unlikely duos in anime history. With Hawks being a more laid back, forthright hero and Endeavor being a more reserved hero who talks with his fists rather than with his voice, it's clear that the perfect buddy cop comedy has been formed with the advent of the "Pro Hero" Arc of the franchise!

During the Hero Billboard Chart Awards, Endeavor is ranked as the top hero in the world, following the "retirement" of All Might after his fight with All For One which drained him of his quirk's power. With the flame based hero being the current top dog, the runner up comes in the form of Hawks, a 22 year old prodigy who has a unique approach at being a professional hero. Following the event, Hawks asks Endeavor if he wants to go grab a bite to eat and the true hilarity of this pairing comes to light.

With Endeavor and Hawks walking down the street, the winged hero proceeds to take control of each of his individual feathers and uses them to save a citizen who is about to be hit by a car, help an elderly woman with her bags, and other feats of skill. When the two heroes are swarmed by fans, Hawks shows how he is able to work off the citizens and is adored by the public as he takes pictures, signs autographs, and is genuinely a nice guy. Endeavor, still reflecting on the words that All Might had told him with regards to being the Symbol of Peace, begins to attempt to connect with the audience as well, with disastrous results.


Running into a few younger fans, Endeavor extends his hand, only for one of the kids to be taken aback by his friendliness. As the kid sprints away, Endeavor realizes he has a long way to go when it comes to filling the shoes of All Might. Though Hawks and Endeavor are eventually interrupted by the "High End" Nomu, we're hoping that we see more adventures in the future shared by the current number one and two heroes.

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