My Hero Academia Reveals New Season Six Trailer

My Hero Academia's War Arc is only a few weeks away from hitting the small screen. With season five of the anime adaptation getting the pieces into place for the titanic tussle between heroes and villains, a new trailer has arrived to give fans a better look into the battle. The Paranormal Liberation Front is the greatest threat that Deku and his friends have ever faced and it's no surprise that season six of the television series will change the world of UA Academy forever.    

For those who might not be familiar with the "War Arc", it is the culmination of the League of VIllains' plans following their victory over the Meta Liberation Army in season five. Shigaraki and his gang of young antagonists were able to defeat Re-Destro and his large number of villains, not only acquiring their resources but also the roster of the MLA which numbers over the hundreds of thousands. Luckily for the students of UA Academy, number two hero Hawks was able to learn of the coming attack that the new Paranormal Liberation Front was planning, giving all the heroes of Japan some prep time when it came to the arrival of this new threat to the world.

The new trailer for My Hero Academia's sixth season can be seen below, hinting at some major moments for the upcoming War Arc which will see some big casualties from both sides of the aisle, and trust us when we say that no one is safe for this fight for the future of Hero Society:

While the anime adaptation is preparing for War, the manga has moved past this particular battle and is focused on the final story of the series from Kohei Horikoshi. Unfortunately for Deku and company, things haven't gotten much better following the disastrous events of the War Arc, with All For One leading the villains in a position of power, unlike anything they had seen before. Much like the War Arc, the final battle of the series is expected to give us plenty of casualties from both sides of the aisle, and fans might need to ready themselves before the last chapter drops from the Shonen series.

Season Six of My Hero Academia will arrive this October on Crunchyroll


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