My Hero Academia OVA Unleashes the Anime's Wackiest Villain Yet

My Hero Academia is still working on its next season behind the scenes, but that doesn't mean the team is keeping all its goodies ransom. This week, fans were finally gifted a set of special OVAs that bring the magic of season five front and center. And if you have seen the second short, you will know it welcomes one of the anime's wackiest villains yet.

The update came courtesy of Crunchyroll as My Hero Academia is now streaming its season five OVAs. The second focuses on Izuku and his internship team as Endeavor is asked to help the police on a case. It seems officers are unable to nab a vandal in town thanks to their quirk, and man – Mr. Smiley lives up to his name.

As you can see above, the character is definitely outlandish from head to toe. The only thing that makes them even campier is their wild quirk. Much like Ms. Joke, this baddie incapacitates his opponents by making them laugh uncontrollably, and he does so by smiling at them. The OVA really plays up how goofy the character's grin is, and not even Shoto can resist the urge to laugh when he sees it.

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Obviously, My Hero Academia has a lot of wild villains, but none come off as gimmicky as this street vandal. Of course, it helps in the end that Mr. Smiley turns out to have a heart of gold. His misunderstood dream pushed him to crime, but Mr. Smiley is hardly a cold-hearted criminal. And if he can turn his quirk into that of a hero, Ms. Joke will have found the perfect sidekick!


What do you think about Mr. Smiley and their gift? Where does the new villain rank on your list of My Hero Academia favorites? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.